Amanda, Milly and I were going over body parts upstairs this morning.  At one point I hid my belly button from her and she said, “Where go?” with her palms to the sky near her shoulders.

Amanda made pancakes for breakfast, which is always good.  After that I went to a meeting with a client that lasted a while.  After I got back, Milly and Amanda went out while I worked.  After they got back, Milly went down for a nap rather fitfully.  Milly hardly slept, so eventually Amanda went to get her.  She was fine for a bit, but then Amanda said Milly suddenly started crying and asked for me.  It was very sad, but very sweet.  I came upstairs and held her in rocking chair while she snuggled up against me.

Amanda’s mom, Karen, came to stay the night so she and Amanda could go Christmas shopping tomorrow.  She and Amanda went out to grab some food and came back with non-pizza foods from Elizabeth’s Pizza.  I had a wonderful ham and pineapple calzone.

Nick Warkentien came by on his way to the PC3 Christmas party to drop Eli off for us to watch.  Amy was working tonight, which sucks because she didn’t get to go to the party with him.  Eli was really good.  He played a bit and mostly kept himself entertained.  There were a few times I thought he was going to be upset that his parents weren’t around, but it never happened.  He went down to bed just fine, too.  I think there might have been one cry, but it was brief.  I did have to change a poopy diaper though.

Karen and Amanda spent the evening watching a TV movie.  I think it had something to do with a teacher, a struggling high school kid and maybe an angel?  Anyway, while they did that I spent my time playing Assassin’s Creed.  I’ve really been enjoying that game.

Zach Dotsey