I was really looking forward to Duke’s game against Butler today, and it didn’t disappoint, though not in the way I was expecting.  With Butler having lost some key players since the two teams met in the NCAA championship game just a few months ago and the Blue Devils being a faster team with a lot more scoring threats, I wasn’t expecting the game to be nearly as dramatic as the last one.

As it turned out, the Bulldogs’ coach, Brad Stevens, had his boys ready to play.  There were a number of lead changes and Duke had its largest negative scoring deficit of the season so far (six points, I think).  Duke pulled it out 82-70 though, and Coach K has now tied Kentucky’s legendary Adolph Rupp with 876 career victories.

Speaking of the Wildcats, they decided to lose to Carolina today.  I know it was at the Dean Dome, but as much as the Heels have been struggling, losing this game would have been another chip in their confidence.  As it is, Carolina ended up winning 75-73 in a game where a lot of UK’s players were in foul trouble a good portion of the game and there were a number of very questionable calls or no-calls.  Just saying.  Anyway, the victory was a huge boost to Carolina and their fans, which sucks.

In normal news, Karen treated us to Cracker Barrel today.  She and Amanda went shopping after that while I took Milly home.  She was ready for a nap and I played Assassin’s Creed until the games came on.

This evening, Travis and Mona showed up at our house just as Amanda and I were finishing getting ready to go out.  They rode with us and Milly to Hiro’s Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar, where we were treated to a company Christmas dinner by Scott and his family.  It was really awesome of him to do that.

Milly wasn’t sure what to think of the show put on by our chef.  She was understandably afraid of the big fires he hit, and after one of them she just pointed an accusing finger at him for a minute.  It was pretty funny.

On the way home, I asked Travis and Mona if they wanted to play a game of Puerto Rico, which they did, of course.  We put Milly to bed then Amanda proceeded to beat us all up.  I did come in second though.  Travis followed, leaving poor Mona in last.

Zach Dotsey