My girls took off for Richlands today to visit with Amanda’s friend, Sarah Erreca.  She and her baby, Abigail, were in town visiting Sarah’s family, though Mike wasn’t able to come with them.  I think they all had lunch at Arnold’s then Amanda stuck around a bit so her mom could see Milly.  They were gone most of the day.

Before that I had run out to pick up my paycheck, which included two surprises; one on purpose and one accident.  The on purpose one was a nice bonus.  The accident was last month’s commission.  You see, I make a salary plus a commission.  My salary is split between my first and second checks of any given month, while my commission is added on top of my salary in my second check.  Anyway, this month my first check also included the commission, which just means I get more money up front this month.  I tried to call Scott about it, but he didn’t answer the phone and I had to get by the bank and get back to the house so Amanda could meet Sarah for lunch.  I ended up depositing the money and emailing him about it.  He told me later that it was fine.  He had just gotten his time periods mixed up.

While I was out I swung by Target and picked up some outside Christmas lights.  We have some large, lighted snowflakes that we have hung from the roof every year, but some don’t work and some are a little broken, so we decided to just go with regular lights.  As soon as Amanda and Milly left, I put them on the porch railing.  Milly really liked seeing them when she and Amanda got home.

Amanda made spaghetti for the Ayars tonight and took that to them to eat.  We also had some ourselves and Milly gave herself another orange beard.

Milly recently learned what her tushie is and where it’s located.  This evening I was sitting on the kitchen floor when Milly came up behind me and started pointing at my tushie and laughing.  I might have had some plumber crack, I’m not sure, but either way she thought it was pretty funny.

Zach Dotsey