Amanda and I went to a Christmas party for small group leaders at Port City Community Church tonight and had a lot of fun.  We sat with Blake and Stephanie Konny and ended up meeting another couple, Brad and Mindy.  We recognized Brad as a guy who sometimes was in Milly’s room in Grow Zone.

There were a few activities we did there.  The first one was that each table was assigned one of the twelve days of Christmas and had to act out their day in turn.  Our table, which had six people, was the five golden rings.  Stephanie would jump up and say “Five,” then the rest of us would stand up and make rings over our heads and finish it.

I’d say the best was the partridge in a pear tree though.  Mike and Kirsten Paschal were at that table, and Mike, who is probably 6’3″ or more, would pick up Kirsten, who is about Amanda’s size, and she’d flap her arms.  Of course, they had to do it twelve times, but on the last one they reversed roles, with Kirsten standing on a chair acting like she was holding up Mike.

The nine ladies dancing were pretty good, too.  There actually were nine ladies, and they’d each count themselves off then all dance.  Other ones were good too.

There was a gift wrapping competition where everyone had to put their regularly-used arm behind their back.  I think we came in second.  Stephanie and I somehow managed to do one side of one box perfectly.

The next one was a competition where titles of Christmas songs were put on a screen with the words changed up, and you had to guess what the song was.  For example, Royal Triumvirate would be Three Kings.  We got credit for one song, but I think we should have had three, which would have won it.  We were off to the side though, so we weren’t really seen.

The last activity was a series of events taken from Minute to Win It with three people facing off against each other.  I went up and did one where I had to get an Oreo from my forehead into my mouth.  I didn’t win it, but I did keep finding Oreo crumbs on my head after that.

Michael and Jenn watched Milly while Amanda and I were away.  Milly really seems to like Jenn.  When they got here, Milly was sitting on my lap drinking some juice.  Jenn knelt down next to us and Milly pointed at her, got up off my lap and started jabbering at her.  They said she was pretty good for her.

Michael had left his floppers in Milly’s room when they put her to bed, so I tried to sneak in and get them.  She was actually already up though, and she was, let’s just say very sad, when I was leaving, so I brought her down to say good night to Michael and Jenn.  She went right back down a minute later when Amanda and I took her back up.

Amanda spent some time on presents today.  We’ve got a lot of our gifts done now.

Zach Dotsey