I learned today that Amanda and I do not decorate well.  After Milly went down for her morning nap after church and a trip to Atlanta Bread (where Milly fell out of her seat because she wouldn’t sit in a high chair), Amanda and I worked on putting up the additional outside lights we bought yesterday.  I had one way I wanted to do it and Amanda had another.  I finally told her to do it her way, and it ended up laying out close to my way anyway.  We were laughing over it, which helped take the heat off our disagreements.

Going back to church for just a second, before the service started today I told Amanda it would be cool if they did the Trans-Siberian Orchestra version of Carol of the Bells with the lights and all.  Crazy enough, they did.  I had been talking to Nick Warkentien right before the service and Amanda was convinced he’d told me what was going on, but he hadn’t.  I also learned that there’s no Baby Cain yet, though not for lack of trying.

After watching a little TV, Amanda worked on some more Christmas presents while I continues assassinating conspirators with Assassin’s Creed 2 until Milly got up.  Amanda ran out to pick up some Buffalo Wild Wings and a few groceries.  I called our order in, and once again they got it wrong, putting tomatoes in our wraps despite repeating the order back to me correctly.  We have yet to have an order right since before they moved to their new location.  I really like the food, but it’s odd that they’re so bad at taking the orders.

Milly was in a mood tonight.  Oh, she was sweet some, like when she was hugging Bruce or when I was holding her and we were chasing Amanda around the house, or when she’d hide from me and run screaming when I would find her.  Overall though, she was just very fussy.  Oddly enough, the only thing that seemed to make her happy was watching Napoleon Dynamite.  Don’t get me wrong; I love the movie.  I just think it’s weird that it held Milly’s attention so well.

She ended up in bed around 7:30.  Hopefully she won’t be up too early tomorrow, and she’ll be good for me.  She was drooling a lot and messing with her mouth, so maybe she’s got more teeth coming in.

I noticed yesterday that I’ve got a good bit of work to do early next week, so I spent some time tonight getting a head start on some of it.  I got several things taken care of already, so I’ve only got two big things on my slate as of right now.

Zach Dotsey