I was planning on working late tonight to take care of a couple projects, but what you see above sort of got in the way, which ended up being worth much more than work could be anyway.  On top of that, Milly sat in my lap and watched some Yo Gabba Gabba (or Gubbuh Gubbuh Gubbuh Gubbuh) videos on YouTube followed by a few Veggie Tales videos.

Milly was overall pretty good for me today.  None of yesterday’s attitude carried over very much.

We received some Christmas gifts we ordered for a few people today.  I’ve got to say, they turned out even better than we expected them to.  They got here faster than we thought they would too.

I did end up doing some work after Amanda and I put Milly to bed while Amanda watched Sing-Off, but I’m mentally exhausted right now and didn’t get as much done as I planned.

Zach Dotsey