I finally got around to finishing editing the videos of when we took Milly to the fair last month late last night.  I posted it there, but here it is now anyway, for your ease of access.

Small group was a lot of fun tonight.  Being so close to Christmas, we decided to have sort of a game night.  We mostly sat around and talked about this or that, but when we did end up playing we played what Reece and Stephanie referred to as Whimsical Donkey.  When they said that, I wondered if it might be the same as the Blake Game, which is was.  The only difference is that with their rules you’re not limited to just writing down people (we went with a holidays theme; not just Christmas but any holiday) and they had a fourth round where all you could do was make sounds.

It was, of course, guys versus girls.  We tied the first round, the girls took the second by a couple points, we went back on top in the third then dominated for the finish.  We had a good time.

Kirsten was sick tonight, so she didn’t get to watch Milly.  We were going to bring her with us, since we were going to the Nowaks’ house and Henry and Lauren would be there.  The Johnsons brought Jacob, too.  Instead, we found out that Amy Warkentien was watching Felix at the Kays’ house, and she agreed to watch Milly too.  She was upset when we left her, but Amy said she didn’t cry long and was good for her.  She was still up at 9:30 when we went to go get her, so she should sleep well tonight and tomorrow.

Work was a bit stressful today.  I had two big things that I’ve been trying to knock out, but throughout the day countless little things kept coming in.  I did get one of the things I wanted to finish as done as I could given what resources I was given for it so far.  The rest is just waiting on the client to get me the rest of the information.

Tomorrow should be fun too.  I’ve got at least one time-sensitive thing to do for which I haven’t yet been given all the info I need, a couple other small things and another big thing.  It’s funny how busy thing time of year is in the web design industry.

Zach Dotsey