I’ve considered dropping cable for a while now.  Outside of the payments for our car and our house, the most expensive monthly bill we have is the one that goes to Time Warner.  Now, to be fair that’s not just our TV, but our internet and phone as well.

Internet we can’t go without, since I need it for work.  The phone we hardly use.  Heck, our house phones have been in dire need of new batteries for a while now, so they’re pretty useless.  Most people call our cell phones when they want to talk to us anyway.

As far as the TV goes, I’ve said for a while that I’d be fine dropping cable for a while now if not for basketball season.  I need ESPN and Fox Sports to be able to watch all the Duke (and other) games that come on.  But now there are ways around that, like ESPN3 and Justin.tv.

I’d still miss channels like History, Discovery and the like, but I could live if it meant saving as much money as we’d save.  There are lots of shows we’d miss out on, but if we dropped cable we could get Netflix and stream the shows we want to watch when they are released.  We could also watch some current shows shortly after they come out on Hulu.  Lots of options.

Anyway, it’s something I’m thinking about.

Milly impressed me this morning.  If you recall, she stayed up really late last night.  I got her up at about 8:30 this morning, but she was ready to go back to bed before 9:30.  I know this because she had been fine for a while but then started getting a little fussy.  What she did differently though was to head to the stairs, basically telling me she wanted to go upstairs.  I don’t know how to describe it, but the vibe Milly gave off wasn’t one like she just wanted to go upstairs to play or whatever, but that she actually did want to go to sleep.

So I took her up and sure enough, she went right to sleep.  Milly did cry for a minute after a little bit, but other than that Amanda and I let her sleep in a little and she didn’t get up until about 2:00.

Yesterday I got caught up on one big work thing.  Today I was able to get another one done, which was pretty exciting to me.

Billy Supplee came over for enchiladas tonight.  He was in the living room when I brought Milly down from her late nap and, even though she’s met him before (not to mention that she even spit up on Billy once), she wasn’t too sure of him at first.  After dinner though, Billy played with dominoes with Milly and she warmed up to him.

I was looking through old videos last night (I’ve got a lot to edit!) and came across the ones where Amanda and I were calling people to tell them we were pregnant.  That was pretty fun, but there was one where we called my grandparents that gave me pause.  It was bittersweet listening to me talk to Pap.  It made me really wish he could have made it a few more months.  He left us the week before Milly arrived.

Zach Dotsey