Over the last few days, Milly has been saying, “Sah,” and the way she says it it’s like she’s calling out to someone, and that someone usually seems to be me.  When she says that, I say, “No, I’m Daddy.”  No need for her to get into the habit of calling me Zach.

Until today I hadn’t heard her do anything similar with Amanda.  I was getting Milly out of the car and said something with “Manda” in the sentence, and Milly said, “Mina.”

It’s cute and all, but of course we’d rather Milly call us Mom and Dad, or some variation thereof.  In that same vein, I probably should stop trying to teach Milly to say, “Blah blah blah” and make a talking motion with her hand when I ask her what Mommy says.

We ate lunch with Amanda’s grandparents, with Anna and Kirsten making a brief special appearance.  Milly had Chick-fil-A and some portions of ice cream.  She didn’t eat too much from the fruit cup that came with her kid’s meal, so I blended them all up and made her a smoothie with her dinner later on.

Amanda went out to Olive Garden with the girls from her office tonight for dinner.  I didn’t mind, since I had her leftovers for dinner.

Zach Dotsey