Nick, Amy, Eli, Reece, Stephanie and Jacob all came over for a breakfast dinner of eggs, biscuits, sausage and muffins tonight.  After we ate we watched the kids play and after they went to bed we all played Puerto Rico.  Nick and Amy both tried a new strategy that focused mainly on just collecting victory points.  Amy mixed a little money in with it and won handily.  Nick had no money, but he had more victory point chips than I had total.  Outside of Amy’s crazy high score, it was actually pretty close though.

Going back to the kids, it was fun watching Milly, Eli and Jacob tonight.  I commented that the fact that we could all sit on couches and watch kids play on the floor shows how old we’re all getting.  They didn’t even interact all that much; it was just fun seeing the three of them together.  Milly was shy when everyone started getting here for some reason, but she eventually warmed up.

She’s surprising people with how well she’s talking.  When I talked to Kevin Millard and my boss Scott today, separately, they were both surprised when they heard her on the phone.  Scott even thought it was someone else.

Speaking of them, work was deceptively busy today.  It didn’t seem like there was all that much going on, but my day flew by and I didn’t even have a chance to do everything I should have gotten around to doing, which really just involved a couple of phone calls.

I did meet with Travis today up at Ollie’s, a little doughnut shop near our house.  The last time I went there they didn’t have internet.  They do now though, so I might just have to go up there more regularly.  I mean on a nice day I wouldn’t even mind walking there.

I got some good news from some people today.  It’s nothing I feel I should talk about yet really, but I wanted to mark the event anyway.

Zach Dotsey