Port City Community Church’s opening was not to be missed today.  It started out with a rendition of 12 Days of Christmas sung by Micah Kolk.  Seriously, Micah is one entertaining guy.  After that they showed the annual Christmas card, which had some very nice trick editing.

Oh yeah, Mike’s message was pretty good, too.  What stuck with me most was his talk about how to accept something like God’s gift of Jesus.  You don’t have to try to balance the scales or make good.  It’s like someone anonymously paying for your meal at a restaurant; if they’re gone and they’ve already paid for it, you can’t do anything but be grateful and walk out.  You don’t spend all your time trying to find them so you can pay them back.

After the service we saw Anna and Barry and Elliot, Melissa and Ella Jane, then we saw Sarah, Henry and Lauren Nowak.  There was a good bit of talking going on.  Eventually we left and had breakfast at Atlanta Bread.  Milly was looking tired before we left the church, but she was great at Atlanta Bread.

Once back at the house, the oldest and the youngest took naps (though I watched The Soup with Amanda before taking mine) while the middle person worked on some more presents.  She went out to get some supplies at some point, which I think I only remember because I moved from the couch to the guest room at that point.

Amanda brought Milly down and put her on the bed with me.  I pretended to be asleep until Milly called out to me.  She was distracted by Cobb (Bob or Bah in Milly language) for a few minutes, so I kept pretending to sleep for a bit.

We went to Anna and Barry’s after that.  They had been to Maggioni’s at South Point and got some buy one get one food.  Great deal on some great food.  We went over there early so Hannah would have some time with Milly, but she was leaving with Maddie as we pulled up.  They got to see Milly for a minute anyway.

As always, we had a good time with the Frazelles.  Kirsten played with Milly a lot, showing her some Christmas ornaments and the like.  Michael even came by tonight.  It was nice to see everyone.

We found out this morning that Hudson Cain is here!  I always thought we had to wait on Milly for a while, but they had to wait even longer for Hudson.  They were resting up today, but we’re looking forward to meeting the new addition soon.

Zach Dotsey