Milly said that a bunch tonight, although it comes out, “Gah Guh!”  We were watching Duke beat Elon (98-72, final score) and Coach K get his 879th career win to tie Dean Smith for second place all-time.  Not only would Milly spout an emphatic “Gah Guh!” now and then, but she also imitated all all the Ooh’s and Ahh’s and Aw’s and Ugh’s that came out of her daddy’s mouth.  It made me glad I practiced watching my mouth when Amanda was pregnant with her.  It was really cute.  She even kept her little Duke hat on while going upstairs to bed at halftime.

Amanda wanted to watch the final (or perhaps penultimate?) episode of Sing-Off, but it was on from 8-10, while the Duke game was on from 7-9.  Normally I’d just watch the game in a different room, but it was on Fox Sports and I don’t think that’s on any of our TVs but the big one.

I don’t feel like I got much done with work today.  It wasn’t terribly busy, but I felt slack.  Milly was really good today, but I still wasn’t able to be on the phone much.

You know, I was looking at Milly today and I was overwhelmed when I was looking for my baby girl, but found a small child instead.  She’s just growing up so fast and changing every day.