We sort of had small group tonight.  A few couples already couldn’t make it and two drove together, but almost as soon as they got to the house they got a call that their kid had thrown up a few times and had to go.  Since one of the other couples had ridden with them, that left me and Amanda and half of the the Ayars.  It was literally the shortest small group meeting ever, with the full attendance of the night being together for maybe five minutes.  It was kind of funny.

I slept downstairs last night, just in case whatever was causing my eye irritation could be easily passed on.  It felt much better today though, and it wasn’t very red.

Milly went back to her normal nap schedule, in case you were wondering.  She displayed several examples of intelligence today, including identifying a few colors (blue seems to be the one she gets the most) and pouring imaginary tea from her teapot for me when Amanda said something about making me some tea.  It was very sweet.  There are so many little things she does now to show how much she comprehends things.

I was able to work on a bit of content for my website project today, which is good.  I’m not fully happy with what I’ve got so far, but it’s not bad for a first draft I think.

Scott talked to me about some things he’s done recently with our content management system that are pretty exciting.  They’re things we’ve talked about before that would be great additions to our services, and it’s great that he’s able to start implementing them.

Amanda and I played games of Dominion and San Juan again tonight after Milly went to sleep.  I narrowly won Dominion and she narrowly won San Juan.  Both games were a lot closer than the winners thought they’d be.

We had a bit of an incident with our Keurig and some hot chocolate.  I had just made myself a cup and Amanda was making hers, but she was afraid that it was going to overfill her cup and desperately grabbed at something to help.  She grabbed my cup, which was pretty full, and ended up getting hot chocolate all over the counter, the floor, the Keurig, her hand and only the white part of the purse Jenn made her for Christmas.  I don’t think she burned herself too badly, which is good.  She’s just hoping the purse isn’t stained.

Zach Dotsey