Duke took on UAB tonight and won it, 85-64.  Kyle Singler joined the 2,000 Points Scored Club at Duke and Nolan Smith had a career high game with 33 points.  Ryan Kelly and Mason Plumlee both played particularly well as well.  It was a well-played game, and UAB is no cupcake.  They were 10-2 coming into this game with close losses to Arizona State and Georgia.

My favorite part of the game came from an airball though.  A UAB player missed the rim and the Crazies started chanting “Airball.”  Milly had been copying us a bit, including some spirited “Guh Goo!” cheers that involved raising her arms, so Amanda started chanting “Airball” to Milly, and Milly picked it up.  The cute thing is that a minute after she had first said it, she was sitting on the floor playing with her Mega Blocks and just sort of muttering, “Ah-baw” in the proper “Airball” cadence.

Amanda’s dad called during the game too.  I answered the phone and he kept asking how I was, how Milly was, how Amanda was.  Then he told me he had just called because he saw the game was on and wanted to bug me, but figured (rightly) that I wasn’t too annoyed since Duke had gotten out to a 26-4 start.  I thought it was pretty funny.  It was nice of him to think of me.

There was a lot of little stuff to do at work today, making it semi-busy.  It was compounded by Milly not going down for a nap until 11:00 again.  I suppose I could have gone ahead and put her down at 10:00 anyway, but she wasn’t tired and I don’t want to mess up whatever natural progression is occurring.  She did still take another nap later, as opposed to Monday when she only took one nap all day.

I taught Milly to shake hands this morning at breakfast.  I don’t know why; I think she was giving me five and it just struck me to see how she’d do at shaking hands.  She picked it up immediately and is entertained by it.

The colors Baby Einstein video played through a couple times this morning, then Milly seemed to indicate that she wanted to watch something else, so I put in one of her Veggie Tales Silly Songs DVDs.  At the end of it we danced to the closing credits, which featured a remix of all the songs on it.  She kept wanting to do it again, which got pretty tiring.

My right eye is feeling better today, but now my left eye started bothering me tonight.  I watched a bit of the Duke game with a hot washcloth over it, if that tells you anything.  I had decided to go to bed after the game because I wasn’t feeling tired, but my eyes were.  I stayed up to play a game of San Juan with Amanda (which I won by a lot) and will now be going to bed shortly.  Downstairs again, in case I’m contagious.

Zach Dotsey