Usually when you knock on Milly’s door in the morning, if she’s up and moving around she’ll answer, “Yeah?”  You can keep knocking and she’ll say it in different ways.  Sometimes it will be a normal question, sometimes it will be fast and excited.  It usually depends on how fast and how loud you knock.

So this morning, I knocked on the door and got a “Yeah?”  I knocked again and got a “Guh Goo!”  For those of you who aren’t up on Millese, that’s how Milly says, “Go Duke!”  I was so proud that I had to bust in there and give her a big hug.  She had her Duke paci and showed it to me, saying what passes for “Blue Devil.”  She’s well on her way to becoming a great Duke fan.

Later, while Milly was eating breakfast, I was trying to remember what day it was and had this conversation after I remembered the day:

Me: Today is Thursday, Milly.

Milly: Yeah.

Me: Oh, you knew that?

I thought it was cute.  It’s pretty fun to have conversations with Milly when she’s in the mood to say “yeah” to everything you ask her.

As I said, I slept downstairs last night.  I woke up around 4:30 and hardly slept any after that, if I did at all.  I got up to go to the bathroom, put the damp (and, at that time, cold) washrag I’d had on my eyes when I fell asleep in the sink and put some drops in my eyes.  They do seem to be feeling much better today, but I’m tired.

Work was busy with a bunch of little things again.  I guess things are gearing back up from the holidays.  It’s been kind of nice to be able to work on internal projects though.

This evening we went to our first advocates meeting.  Amanda and I recently decided to become small group leader advocates, basically the people who help out small group leaders and act as sort of a go-between for them and the church staff.  It’s not that leaders can’t approach church staff, but there are only a few staff people, so we get to help out as we can.

The meeting was about some changes in the way they’re going to start doing things in the next year.  A few people didn’t seem to really get or like the ideas, but Amanda and I, along with a few other people we talked to, thought it would be tremendously helpful.

We weren’t able to really line up a babysitter at our house, so we took Milly to the Frazelles’ while we were at the meeting.  When we went to pick her up, Barry, Anna and Kirsten were all in the living room with Milly, who had a floor-full of toys at her disposal.  It was a really great scene, because you could just tell they’d been having a great time with her.  Milly wasn’t even all that surprised to see me and Amanda.  She was in a great mood though, very talkative and very interactive.  That might have had something to do with all the food and ice cream sandwiches she’d been stuffed with.  They pointed out that they couldn’t even zip and button her little jeans because Milly’s belly was so full.  She has apparently started calling Barry “B” now, so that’s probably going to become his name.  I think it has a greater chance of sticking than “Kurgie” did for Kirsten, though we still call her that sometimes.

Zach Dotsey