Amanda thought it would be a fun idea to take Milly to Petsmart this morning after a pancake breakfast, and she was right.  Milly had fun looking at the puppies, kitties, birds, lizards, gerbils and fish.  It was like a mini zoo.  We did get some dog food, so at least we contributed something.

After making a stop at the house to pick up Carcassonne and San Juan, we headed on over to Nick and Amy’s for lunch.  We had said something to them about getting together tonight, but they had plans, so we did this instead.  We played San Juan, Dominion and Monopoly Deal, a card version of Monopoly that they had.  Amanda won that one pretty quickly.  I won San Juan, which really surprised me.  I also won Dominion by a fair margin, but I kind of thought I was going to win that one.

Milly was moody while we were there.  She’s not the best at napping when she’s not home or, failing that, in a place that’s really dark.  We put her down twice and both times she started screaming after a bit.  We’d have let it go, but Eli was in the next room.  Her screaming didn’t seem to phase him, but still.

Once Amanda, Milly and I got home we put Milly down for a nap, and just like the times we put her down at Nick and Amy’s, she went down fine initially.  She stayed down longer here, but she was up and very unhappy after no more than an hour.  I got her up and, also like at Nick and Amy’s, you wouldn’t have known she’d had so little sleep, she was so happy and awake.

I gave Milly a peanut butter and jelly, half of which disappeared mysteriously, which probably had something to do with one of the dogs, Bruce being the lead suspect.  She spread some jelly around, so we gave her a bath, which she also screamed through.  Apparently Milly doesn’t like baths now, which sucks.  She’s always liked them before, but with this one and the last one she had, she’s apparently changed her ways.

Nick and Amy’s plans this evening were to go to a birthday party, so Amanda and I agreed to watch Eli while they were there.  There wasn’t much to it as they were supposed to be there at 8, and that’s the time both Milly and Eli go to bed.  They both went down a few minutes early, but that was all pretty uneventful.  Eli talked some and made some noises, but he was never upset so we never had to check on him.  Amanda and I played a game of Dominion, which she won by four.

Nick and Amy picked Eli up a few minutes ago.  I woke up at 6 and couldn’t fall asleep again this morning, so I’ve been pretty tired all day.  I’m about to take care of that.

In other quick notes on the day, I was planning on raking the yard and burning some leaves today, but the ground was wet, as were the leaves.  Also, Michael and Jenn were at Target and saw The Rock, Mr. Dwayne Johnson.  Michael talked to him, but didn’t think to get a picture or anything.  That’s pretty cool.

Zach Dotsey