Maryland was the last team to beat Duke, but they’re now also the last team Duke beat.  The Blue Devils took down Maryland in a hard-fought game to the tune of 71-64.  The first half was offensively ugly (and the offense was bad, too- haha), but Tyler Thornton of all people, the most unheralded freshman of this year’s class, proved to be a big spark off the bench with his scrappy play and tough defense.  Seth Curry had a nice game too, and Kyle Singler lead with 25 points.

It was actually a pretty tough day for a lot of the top teams, with most of them having closer games than expected.

In other news, Amanda and I played two games of Dominion, with me winning one and us tying the second.  We also played a game of San Juan that I won, though I didn’t think I would early on.

During some of that time we played Finding Nemo for Milly.  She watched some of it, but she also spent some time just running around and playing with her toys.  She was pretty entertaining today, feeding her milk to a plastic monkey, pouring tea for everyone, talking a bunch of gibberish.  She’s doing cool things now like cleaning up her toys, wiping spilled milk with a napkin, sweeping the floor (well, dragging a broom across the floor) and saying, “Ewwww,” when she’s pooped in her diaper.

Backing up, we ate at Atlanta Bread this morning, as we do most Sundays after church, and afterwards Milly said, “Book,” because we usually go to Barnes & Noble after we eat.  I thought it was cool that she knows the routine so well.

We didn’t go to Barnes & Noble though.  It was too cold to walk over there, so we just went home.  And speaking of the cold, we’re supposed to get some wintry weather tonight or tomorrow; some snow followed by freezing rain.  Amanda’s annoyed that it’s predicted to start during the workday.  She doesn’t mind going in to work; just that she’ll probably have to drive home in questionable conditions.  As long as I’ve got internet, I’ll still be working though.

Zach Dotsey