I was sitting at the kitchen table, doing some work when I heard Milly burp.  She was in the kitchen, facing the living room.  Next thing I heard was a splat, as Milly projectile vomited.  She was upset for a minute, but she quickly calmed down.

Fast forward a bit.  Milly and I have picked up my paycheck and gone to the bank, where the nice teller lady gave her a sticker.  We went to Amanda’s work to pick her up and were thinking about eating at Two Guys Grill at the mall.  I was pulling into a parking spot when we heard some terrible noises coming from the back seat.  Milly vomited again, this time getting it on her coat, shoes, car seat, the back of the passenger seat and her mom’s coat.  She cried for a minute until I wiped it up.  I rode in the back with her as we stopped by Cookout instead.  (I wanted a burger.)

A little while later I was working in the office when I heard Milly start crying.  Sure enough, she had puked again, this time in the living room.  It got on her clothes and shoes.  I took her upstairs to take off and rinse her clothes while Amanda got the floor.  Milly was fine by the time we got to the stairs and took a peaceful nap after that.

The weird thing in all of this is that Milly doesn’t appear to be sick.  She’s not hot and she acts normal outside of the minute after she throws up.  Hopefully it’ll pass soon.  I don’t want another 1:00 like we had last night.

We were supposed to have small group tonight, and Amanda and I were going to bring up some big stuff, but with Milly being sick and maybe the prospect of the roads freezing back up tonight (though, honestly I just say that to make myself feel better about backing out), we called it off.

Speaking of ice, I spent a good portion of the day listening to the snow melt.  I don’t think it’s stopped at all today, though there’s still plenty of mess on the ground.  I helped the snow and ice on their way to the ground with the car around 10:00.  It reminded me of how much fun it was as a kid to break ice off of things.

I talked to my parents a bit tonight.  Milly showed off for them a little bit, but not too much.  When I had her doing her animal noises, my mom said they took me to a party or something once when I was about her age and I had everyone rolling, doing my animal sounds.  She said I was the center of attention and that Milly and I seem to have a lot in common.

Milly didn’t eat a whole lot today, which I guess is fine because what she did eat kept coming back up anyway.  We made sure to give her some juice tonight though, and I think tomorrow she’ll drink nothing but water and juice.  We put her to bed just a little bit early and then played a game of Dominion, which Amanda won.  I knew she was going to win, but I thought the margin was going to be greater.

She’s in bed now, or getting ready for it, anyway, at 9:00.  Aside from last night’s other distractions, she kept thinking about work and wishing they’d at least given some sort of communication on their expectations for today; come in when you feel safe to come in, have a two hour delay, something.  I’m a bit tired myself and might head to bed a little early.

My back’s been bugging me today.  Every time I bend over without support, I get this sharp pain in the middle of my spine.  I don’t know if I’m just getting old, I pulled it, I need to do some yoga or what, but I’m not liking it.

Zach Dotsey