Milly didn’t throw up at all today, so that was good.

Milly typed her name today.  I noticed that on one of her videos that they spell out some words, and Milly was repeating the letters.  She was sitting in my lap later, so I pointed out and said the letters of her name.  She would repeat the letter and press the key.  Here are the results:


And later:

milly dpotsweeeeeeeeqyyyyyyyyyyyyy

The Johnsons came over tonight for dinner and some games.  They actually brought the dinner with them, which was nice.  We had spaghetti and bread with chocolate muffins for dessert.  They’re practically cupcakes, really.

The kids played pretty well together.  Milly was a bit standoffish at first, and Jacob pinched her arm one time using her as a support for walking, but by the end of the night she was sharing food and toys with him.

After the kids went to bed we played three games of Dominion.  Amanda won the first, Reece Stephanie won the second and I won the third.  I actually tied with Amanda, but the rules say the win goes to whichever player took fewer turns.  Since Amanda had started the game, that meant me.

It’s nice that I won something tonight, because my Blue Devils really stunk it up against Florida State.  Given how poorly Duke played Maryland in their last game and how hard FSU always plays Duke, not to mention having a pretty good record against Duke in Tallahassee when Duke is ranked #1, well, whatever.  For a team that doesn’t shoot the ball particularly well, they shot the ball particularly well, too.  Hopefully this was just Duke’s game versus NC State last year, where a poor team played out of their minds and made Duke look bad.  I guess the only real positive is that they got the pressure of being undefeated off their shoulders.

Zach Dotsey