I felt much better today, thank you very much.  I was awake at 6, but didn’t get up until 7.  Milly was very cheerful when she got up and was in a pretty good mood all day, though she didn’t take a late nap and was a little fussy this evening as a result.

Speaking of this evening, Nick and Eli came over tonight bearing pizza.  Amanda cut up one slice of pizza and divided it up between the two kids, but Eli wasn’t into it.  Milly ended up eating the whole slice.

They played a bit tonight too, Milly and Eli.  At one point Eli was sitting in the giant box the Frazelles gave Milly.  He was off to one side with his arm up to the side of him draped over a pillow as if he was trying to invite someone to sit with him.  Milly got in there and everything was cool until she tried to sit on his lap.  He pushed her off and she cried, though she wasn’t at all hurt.  And on her 19-month birthday, too.

On the subject of birthdays, today is my boss, Scott Hendrix’s birthday, so happy birthday, Scott!

With the kids down, Amanda, Nick and I played two games of Dominion, both of which I placed second in, and a game of Carassonne, which I did win.  Just like on New Year’s Eve, we each got to win a game, which I thought was nice.

I worked at a pretty good pace today.  I had a bit of catching up to do since I didn’t work much yesterday due to feeling like crap.  One thing that hasn’t helped is that we had to take down a site this week for reasons I can’t really go into details about, but the site is very popular and has a lot of fans.  I’ve probably had a hundred calls and emails from people asking what’s happening with the site.  I really hope they get it back up soon, and not just to silence my phone.  All the people I’ve talked to were really nice and understanding, and I’d like them to be able to have their site back.

Zach Dotsey