Milly woke up a bit early today.  When I knocked on her door she answered with “Go Duke!” instead of the usual, “Yeah?”  Maybe she heard about Carolina’s loss to Georgia Tech last night and that was her way of letting me know she was happy about it.

I emailed Scott some of my ideas about how to go forward with this big project and he emailed me back saying it all sounded good.  That felt nice.  Work itself was pretty steady today.

Amanda made spaghetti tonight.  We had some bread with oil and vinegar with it, and Milly kept asking for “dipit.”  That’s her way of asking us to dip some bread in the oil and vinegar so she can suck on it.  I don’t get her taste, but whatever makes her happy.

Milly decided recently that she didn’t like baths anymore.  You put her in the water then you have to put your hand in it to make sure it’s not boiling hot, because the way she starts crying you think that’s got to be what’s wrong.  She started her bath tonight the same way, but eventually she started playing with four rubber ducks and got happy.

We watched a bit of TV this evening.  After Amanda went to bed I finally watched the Smallville mid-season cliffhanger episode that’s been on the DVR for a while now.  Lois and Clark got engaged and Hawkman was killed.

Zach Dotsey