Amanda went to bed early again and decided to work half a day today.  She slept in until about 10:30 or so, getting up shortly after Milly went down for her nap.

Work wasn’t as crazy as it has been lately, though I still had plenty to do.  Milly didn’t nap all that long and spent a good bit of time watching Yo Gabba Gabba.  The Kids On Demand channel has three episodes on there, so we watched them all once except for the Jack Black episode, which we watched twice.  I’ve got to admit, I enjoyed watching it.  I think Milly is starting to learn the names of the characters, because it sounded like she was saying bye bye to Foofa when one was over.

Since Milly didn’t nap well this afternoon, we let Milly sleep just a little past 6:00, which is the time she usually eats.  I ran out to get some groceries and she was up by the time I got home.  That trip took me longer than it should have because first I got stuck by traffic trying to take a left out of our neighborhood, then everyone and their sister was checking out at the same time I was, and of course I, with my five items, got in the worst possible line I could have stood in.  Oh well, wasn’t that big a deal.

After Milly went to bed Amanda and I watched a little TV.  Amanda went to bed at about 9:45.  I hope she starts feeling better tomorrow.

Zach Dotsey