Amanda continues to be sick.  Milly was really sweet to her tonight though.  Amanda was on the couch for most of her non-working day again, curled up under a blanket.  She coughed this evening and Milly offered her mother her milk.  It seemed to be a cause and effect reaction anyway, which we thought was sweet.  She also climbed on the couch to sit with her some and kept bringing balls over to Amanda to throw.

Milly played her little piano for her mom too, though I don’t think that helped her feel much better, since she was banging the keys right next to Amanda’s aching head.  It was really cute how she would do it though.  She had her fists up against her chest with her pointer fingers sticking out and played like that.

I took care of getting Milly ready for bed and called Amanda up when she was ready.  Milly has this little pole on which you stack stars of various sizes, and there’s a button at the top that plays music when you press it.  Well, Milly was dancing to that a bunch, and after a few songs she took Amanda’s shoulder and started to get her to rock to the music with her.  After a minute she did it to me too, and then she did it to me and Amanda at the same time.  She thought it was hilarious.

That all went fine until Bruce scratched on the door.  We let him in and let him dance with Milly a bit, but then she started showing her sleepiness when Bruce didn’t want to play anymore and we let him out of the nursery.  I prayed for her and put her in the crib while Amanda gave her a kiss and left.

I read I Like Myself to her for a second time and that made her happy for a minute, but then the only thing that would make her calm down was having the musical star pole thing, so I gave her that.

Lesson: Don’t give a kid a musical light-up toy to play with in their crib when you’re putting them down for the night.  I walked out of Milly’s room at about 8:30.  At 9:30 she was still playing the music.  I finally walked in there and took it out of the crib.  She was fine at first, but after a few minutes I heard her fuss.  It didn’t last long though; I’m sure she was tired.

In the course of all that, I was finishing up a bunch of work and got a Facebook message from Deanna across the street that our trunk was open.  That normally wouldn’t be a big deal, but it’s been raining for a while now.  I removed the wet things and put down some baking soda then closed the trunk.  Milly was playing with Amanda’s key this evening and I’m guessing she popped the trunk then.

We didn’t go to small group tonight.  Amanda, as I’ve said, was sick.  Originally I was just going to go without her, but as the time drew nearer she asked if I’d mind not going so she wouldn’t have to worry about taking care of Milly.

I’ve since had some email correspondence with Mia and she mentioned that tonight was her and Joel’s last night with our group.  They splitting off and taking the Nowaks with them.  I’m really going to miss seeing all of them, but hopefully it will make us more intentional about getting together with them.  Plus I think it’s a good step.

Milly’s been on a big Yo Gabba Gabba kick lately.  I think I mentioned that yesterday.  She asks for it just about any time the TV is on and recognizes DJ Lance.  I think she’s starting to recognize and remember the names of the creatures too.  Right now I have Jack Black’s song about being lost in my head.

Zach Dotsey