Last week we got a call from a window company saying we’d been referred to them by Nick and Amy Warkentien.  Nick and Amy had recently replaced the windows in their house, and I knew they were happy with them, but I told the lady I talked to that we had no money to buy new windows.  She told me that was fine, but if we agreed to a meeting that we and the Warkentiens would both get $100.  So I said sure, why not listen to a guy talk for an hour and get $100?

Well, we’re getting new windows.  I think we got a good deal and we’ve thought about replacing the windows before anyway.  The salesman who came by, Ben, was really good with the dogs and Milly liked him too.  Not that that really had anything at all to do with the purchase, but it was nice.

It wasn’t an hour either, but that’s because we ended up interested in the product.  Amanda and I had thought of getting new windows before anyway, and we know Nick and Amy are happy with theirs, so we went for it.

I looked up some reviews about the company, Windows USA.  It seems that all the people who bought the windows have been really happy with them, whereas the people who gave negative reviews just didn’t like the sales presentation.  There were parts of it that I knew were for show, but I didn’t have a problem with it.

In other news of the day, work has been going well.  We’ve had several sales leads come in over the past few days, plus I’ve been busy doing billable work.  We’ve got one potential upcoming project that could be very good for the company now and in the long run.

Amanda seems to be doing quite a bit better today, though she’s still not 100%.  Her voice has been a little hoarse the past few days, which I told her is kind of sexy.

Milly was awake around 7:30 this morning, so I went ahead and got her up a little early.  She was in a very happy mood.  After breakfast she asked to watch some Yo Gabba Gabba, so I played a few episodes of that for her.  Afterwards she watched a bit of Dinosaur Train, which she also seems to like.

Milly has a few puzzles, the kind that seem to be made of thick particle board or cork or something.  One of them will never again be complete, because Harvey ate the cat piece.  He also chewed up a piece of a regular puzzle of Milly’s that Amanda opened for her for the first time today.  I don’t think that puzzle ever even had a chance to be put together.  So sad.

Zach Dotsey