Duke played Boston College at Cameron tonight, and I was very happy with how the Blue Devils played, winning 84-68.  Nolan Smith scored 28 points and Seth Curry helped out with 20, his best at Duke.  Mason Plumlee would have had a double-double if he could shoot free throws decently.

In sad news about the game, Ryan Kelly’s streak of perfection is over.  After not missing a single shot the last two games and starting strong tonight, but he missed two threes and a putback.  Ah well, I knew it wouldn’t last forever, and he did still have a good game.  I tell you though, I got excited every time I saw him make a basket while he was on his streak.  I’ve been really happy seeing the progress he’s making this season.

Amanda and I had a lunch meeting with Paul Klause from church.  He’s the married couples small group coordinator and he’s new there, so he just wanted to take some time to get to know us a little bit.

Amanda and I dropped Milly off with Anna while we were meeting with Paul.  I told Amanda on the way to pick her up that I had an image in my head of music playing in the Frazelle living room with Milly, Anna and Kirsten all dancing around.  When we got there, music was on and I told Anna that.  She said that’s what had been going on.

Milly has so much fun with them.  As soon as she stepped inside the house she was just babbling on to Anna and Coo-kie (the newest incarnation of Kirsten’s name).  She didn’t even notice when we left or, really, when we got back.

We had chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans for dinner tonight.  Milly wouldn’t even try any of it, so I made her some oatmeal and mixed some chicken and green beans into it.  That was going pretty well until she happened upon a larger chunk of chicken.

Zach Dotsey