I was asked about this website tonight.  Why do I do it and how do I do it every day?  Well here are my answers, in case you’re wondering.

The latter first: It just takes discipline.  There are days where I don’t get anything posted, usually when I’m tired at the end of the day or we’ve had something going on until late.  This usually happens Thursday or Friday through Saturday or Sunday.  Anyway, on days like that I’ll usually make some quick notes on my iPhone with points to talk about.

It isn’t easy to keep this thing up, but I fear that if I were to stop doing it every day, I’d end up stopping altogether or having huge gaps between entries.

As for why, I started this site because I wish I had some sort of record of the lives of my grandparents.  The world is nearly unrecognizable from how it was when my grandparents were young, and I think it would be awesome to have some sort of testimony of what life was like then, not just for them but in the world at large.

I’ve seriously been considering changing things up a bit though.  I mean, a lot of times I don’t really have all that much to talk about, and I can’t really get too deep with stuff I’m putting out there for all to see.  I’ve got several things I’m thinking of changing up, so we shall see.

Zach Dotsey