Milly said, “Bless you, Daddy,” after I sneezed this morning.  Later today she came back to the office and pooted then said, “Pootie yay!”  I really have no idea where she got that one; I certainly didn’t teach it to her.

As fun as she was, Milly took no good naps today.  We were afraid it was going to have an effect on her time with Cyra, who babysat Milly while we went off to small group.  Anna called me this morning and explained that Kirsten was sick, so she wouldn’t be able to watch Milly.  She told me Kirsten was really missing Milly and that she’d even had a dream about her.

Anyway, Cyra later told us that Milly almost fell asleep in her lap, but Cyra knew it would have been too early for her to nap yet.

Small group ended up being a baby talkfest again.  It sort of started out discussing how the grandparents of all our kids are with them and how to encourage more interaction or tone down overbearing ones.  I’ll say that Amanda and I have it pretty easy.

There were a ton of prayer requests tonight.  Some were celebratory, some were less so.  It was also our first night without the Kays or Nowaks, who have gone off to form their own small group on their side of town.  I’m really going to miss seeing all of them every week.

In world news, Egypt is exploding.  A week or so ago there were riots in Tunisia which inspired Egyptians.  Now there are thousands of people calling for Mubarak, the president of Egypt for 30 years, to step down, but he doesn’t really want to.  There’s so much chaos going on over there now.

In less important news, Carolina seems to be getting better after getting triple digits at Boston College, and after Duke’s loss to St. John’s the other day, people are wondering if the game at Cameron might not be more interesting than people originally expected.  I think a lot will be told in how Duke plays at Maryland tomorrow night.  The Terps always get up for Duke, and the crowd is particularly vicious.

I’m feeling really good about work lately.  We’ve got a lot of exciting stuff going on that I feel is working towards growing the company, which in and of itself is exciting, but on top of that, the more money the company makes the more likely I am to get more substantial raises.

Zach Dotsey