February 4 is apparently a popular day to be born.  Happy birthdays to Reece Johnson, Liz Steelmon, Autmn Belk and Julie!

I had a meeting this morning with someone who may be working for us soon.  I’m excited about the prospect because I think the guy is in a good position to have the time for a position like what we have available work out for him.  We shall see.

After the interview was over, I checked my email to see if there was anything needing my immediate attention.  After that I took a glance at Twitter, and the first thing I saw was something about Larry Drew, the (now backup) point guard at Carolina leaving.

“What?” I thought.  Since losing his starting position I heard he’s actually had better stats.  Besides, it’s February.  Who transfers in February?  Well, apparently Larry Drew does.

I literally laughed out loud when I checked to see if it was legit.  A lot of Carolina fans are saying it will be addition by subtraction; he had a bad attitude and was bringing the team down, he wasn’t any good anyway, more good players will get more minutes, that sort of thing.  What these people must not realize is that Kendal Marshall, who took over for Drew, has had his numbers go down since starting and that he’s a freshman who probably isn’t used to playing as much as he’ll have to now.  The Heels have literally no other point guard, leaving Dexter Strickland, who was a terrible as a backup last year, to fill in.

A lot of them are mad, too.  I can’t say I blame them.  If my team was just starting to look good again and one of the main players left without warning, I’d be pretty upset too.

In other, and really to me, more important, basketball news, Kyrie Irving’s cast came off his foot today, so now he gets to get into his real rehab.  Rumors have circulated that he’s going to be out the rest of the season regardless, but Duke fans remain hopeful that he’ll be able to come back by the end of the regular season.  Whether he plays another minute of college ball or not, he’s already expected to be the #1 pick in this year’s NBA Draft, so while some people have hope he’ll come back to Duke next season if he can’t come back this season, odds are against that.  I mean, if I just came off an injury that took me out for a whole year and someone said they’d still guarantee me millions of dollars, I’d have a hard time not taking it, no matter how much I love the place I was.  But who knows, maybe he wants a full season and would like to play with the great team Duke will have next year.

Either way, I wish Kyrie Irving the best.  It would just be such a damn shame to only have had him in a Duke uniform for eight games.

Milly did all kinds of stuff today.  Amanda said when she was taking Milly upstairs, she (Amanda) counted the first step, saying, “One.”  Milly then counted, “Two, three, four, five.”  How awesome is that?

That reminds me of a couple other things she’s done over the past few days.  On Tuesday (I think), she had pulled the box the Frazelles gave her for Christmas away from the wall and saw the numbers on the back.  She was pointing at them and counting to three.

We put some alphabet and number magnets on her easel yesterday or the day before, and Amanda said Milly pointed to a couple letters and identified them correctly.

Last night we were asking Milly what color things were and would ask her to give us the (whatever) colored one, and she got most of them right.

It just blows me away how much this kid of mine knows already.  And she’s speaking better and forming more complex sentences seemingly every day.

Amanda and I played a game of Carcassonne tonight.  It was pretty close, but my farmland put me over the top.  Then we played a game of Dominion.  I won that one by 13 points, but there’s a footnote to it.  We started over because we both realized that we’d been playing cards wrong.  Amanda was putting the silver gained from the Bureaucrat card into her hand instead of her deck, and I was putting money gained from the Thief card into my deck instead of my discard pile.  It’s odd that we both had different but similar brainfarts.

We started over, which irritated Amanda.  It was probably a wash, but I figured that putting an extra silver into your hand, which would allow you to buy bigger cards right away, was more helpful than having one card of guaranteed money in your next hand.  Maybe I should have just let it play out.  I’m pretty sure she was going to beat me that game, but that’s not why I was in favor of restarting it.  I just think we had both screwed the game up too much.

In other news, we’ve made some definitive plans on dropping cable.  I’m planning on setting it all up tomorrow to make sure it runs right before we actually do the deed.

Zach Dotsey