Amanda and I had volunteered to help out with the small group connection at Port City Community Church tonight.  It was a get-together for a bunch of couples (they had one for singles last week) to find groups to meet with and discuss matters of faith, Bible study, what have you.  Since our group had just (peaceably) divided, we were also looking to add a couple or two to our own group.

I think the night went pretty well overall.  The room was divided into locations, so people from the same parts of town could all get together.  Amanda and I were supposed to help people from the Monkey Junction area find other people.  That was nice because Joel and Mia, formerly of our group, were in that area, plus it was right next to the Ogden area, which is where we were going to be trying to find people.

Before the whole thing started there was a chili dinner, and we started talking to a few of the people at our table.  They were about our age and were also trying to add to their group.  At the end of the night, Amanda, having seen that Joel and Mia didn’t get as many people for their group as they wanted and having heard that this other group didn’t end up adding anybody, brought them together.  I don’t know what they worked out, but they all seemed to be a good fit.  She did a really great job of working on connecting people.

She also found two couples to come check out our group.  I didn’t really get to talk to them at all because there were two older couples who were looking for a group to join, but they couldn’t find anything on the nights they were available.  I was scrambling around trying to find something for them.  We ended up just having them start a group of their own with faith that a leader would emerge and that they’d hopefully be able to find more people.  I felt bad because I really didn’t want them to be disappointed in the experience when they came to find people to connect and share with.  I pray it works out for them.

We had a bit of trouble finding a babysitter for Milly tonight.  All the usual babysitters and a few reserve ones, not to mention a few we’d never asked before, were either out of town, already had something going on or were sick.  Amanda ended up asking Cyra again, though she didn’t want to since Cyra had already given up her Tuesday night.  She said Milly was easy to watch though, and that she didn’t mind.  She wouldn’t even take money from us, so Amanda insisted on at least buying lunch for her on Monday.

Cyra stuck around for a bit after we got home.  She and Amanda watched American Idol then we all watched The Office.  After she left, Amanda and I watched 30 Rock then Amanda went to bed.

Zach Dotsey