The girls went to Richlands today.  Amanda got a good deal on some new tires, which we desperately needed.  Yes, it was good enough to be worth driving an hour.  She took care of the car inspection as well and had lunch at Longhorn with her mom then spent a little time at her parents’ house so her dad could see Milly.  Or maybe Phil ate with them; I’m not sure.

Myself, I was up very late working on getting a website live.  I ran into some issues that aren’t worth explaining, but Scott helped me take care of it this morning.  I had a meeting later on.

Karen had bought Milly The Lion King while they were out, so I started watching it with Milly.  There’s something very special about watching a classic Disney movie for the first time with your kid.  Sadly, I got pulled away because that website I mentioned earlier was having some important issues.  It took me so long to figure out how to fix it that I ended up taking the laptop to Reece and Stephanie’s house and finished it up there.  It was an important fix and I felt such a relief when I finally had it done.

Anna called after we ate and wanted to drop Kirsten off to pick up her car.  We were planning on taking it back tomorrow or on Sunday, plus even though I didn’t take it far when I borrowed it I was going to at least put a little gas in it.  Amanda went back to the house to put the key in the car for them to pick it up, and she picked up Puerto Rico while she was there.

Back at the Johnsons’ the kids went down to sleep and we decided to play Speed Carcassonne, where you only have four seconds to lay down your tile.  Amanda got back just as we were about to start, and it really did go pretty fast.  The winning order was Reece, Stephanie, me then Amanda.  It was a really close game though.

Amanda won the subsequent game of Puerto Rico, followed by me then Reece then Stephanie.  We stuck to the rule of the Governor speaking with some kind of accent, which was pretty entertaining for at least three-fourths of the game.

While we were playing the games, Reece was kind enough to pull up Countdown to Craziness, Duke’s season kickoff event, on ESPN3.  I wasn’t able to pay a whole lot of attention to it, but I got to get a look at the Blue-White scrimmage.  I’m really excited for this season to start.

It’s great that they aired it on ESPN3.  I’ve gone the last two years and I hated not going this year, but things are tight.

When we got home Milly wanted me to lie down with her, which isn’t uncommon.  What is uncommon is that I fell asleep when I did it.  Like I said, I got very little sleep last night and today was pretty hectic.  Amanda came in and got me.  She said she’d have left me, but if Milly woke up then she probably wouldn’t go back to sleep with me being in there and she knew I wanted my sleep.  I’ll be back asleep again shortly.

Zach Dotsey