Milly got to go hang out with the Frazelles this evening while Amanda and I went to a leaders meeting at Port City Community Church.  She got to eat spaghetti and Rice Krispie treats (a first for her) and play with Anna, Barry, Kookie, Connor and Cody (the latter two of which are not Frazelles, of course).  She was happy and in her pajamas when we picked her up and everybody was watching Wonder Pets.  Anna said Milly got agitated when she wouldn’t sing the songs with her, getting right in her personal space and strongly imploring her to “Sing, Anna!”

The Frazelles let us borrow another car tonight.  Amanda’s taking the Jetta to get new tires tomorrow and got a deal in Richlands that nobody here could beat.  Problem is, I’ve got a meeting in the middle of the day that couldn’t be rescheduled so they’re helping us out.  When we left their place I drove Kirsten’s Mercedes back to our place.  The thing’s a boat, but it’s a comfortable boat.

The meeting was a talk about forgiveness, and as usual only one of the groups we’re advocating for was there.  What’s awful is that I don’t even know if the other groups are still active.  I’ve tried emailing but haven’t had any response.  I really should try calling some people.

After we got home and put Milly down Amanda and I watched our Thursday shows.  Community was particularly brilliant.

Amanda’s mom had three doctor appointments here in town today, so she stopped by before heading home.

Most of my day wasn’t horribly busy, but the late afternoon was.  I was on the phone pretty much constantly for the last hour of my work day.  I’ve got a few things I’m trying to get done tonight, so I might have a late night tonight.

Zach Dotsey