You know what blew my mind more than anything else today?  Wonder Pets.  There was an episode about a punk rock skunk looking for a band, and at the end of it I noticed Ming Ming had a skirt, so I suddenly realized that Ming Ming was a girl.  It made sense after I thought about it for a minute.

That wasn’t what did it for me though.  Here, I’ll post a the Twitter conversations I had then the Facebook one.

ZdotC10:37am via HootSuite

I only just now realized that Ming Ming is a girl.

thedevilwolf10:38am via Web

@ZdotC oh come on

nickwarkentien11:26am via Tweetie for Mac

@ZdotC I came to that same realization about 50 episodes in 🙂

nickwarkentien11:27am via Tweetie for Mac

@ZdotC no wait, mine was Lenny

ZdotC1:54pm via HootSuite

@nickwarkentien Lenny’s not a girl, is s/he?

nickwarkentien1:58pm via Tweetie for Mac

@ZdotC Yes. I never questioned it until a specific episode that made it obvious.

ZdotC2:00pm via HootSuite

@nickwarkentien Lenny’s the hamster and that’s a guy’s name.

ZdotC2:01pm via HootSuite

@nickwarkentien I just saw ep. 48(?) with the punk rock where Ming Ming is wearing a skirt. Is that the one you’re thinking of?

nickwarkentien3:12pm via Tweetie for Mac

@ZdotC yeah, that’s what I thought too.

nickwarkentien3:13pm via Tweetie for Mac

@ZdotC I know which one is which. Tuck is the only male on the show.

nickwarkentien3:15pm via Tweetie for Mac

@ZdotC It’s not “Lenny” it’s “Linny”.

ZdotC3:16pm via HootSuite

@nickwarkentien Well consider my mind blown!

nickwarkentien3:16pm via Tweetie for Mac


nickwarkentien3:17pm via Tweetie for Mac

@ZdotC My thoughts too

nickwarkentien3:18pm via Tweetie for Mac

Having quite an in-depth conversation about Wonder Pets over twitter with @ZdotC….evidence that we have 2 year olds. #embracethedadlife


Zach Dotsey

I only just now realized that Ming Ming is a girl.

 ·  ·  · 12 hours ago via HootSuite
  • Lisa Hauenstein likes this.
    • Danielle Cooley The lisp can be so distracting.

      12 hours ago · 
    • Jason Revill You should have known. There had to be a girl and it clearly wasn’t Lenny or Tuck. She’s like a fuzzy little Amelia Earhart.

      9 hours ago · 
    • Allen Andrews i am so glad that I was not the only one to find that out and go “Huh, really?”

      4 hours ago · 
    • Zach Dotsey This will blow your minds: I found out this afternoon that “Lenny” is “Linny” and is a girl too.

      4 hours ago · 
    • Jason Revill No way. That surprises me.

      2 hours ago · 
    • Allen Andrews I knew it was Linney (toys at Walmart) but I had questions about it being a girl.

      2 hours ago · 

 Crazy, huh?  Linny really doesn’t strike me as a girl.  Doesn’t that blow your mind?  Oh.  Well, it blew mine.

I woke up this morning to the sound of Milly making short little excited shrieks in her room.  Amanda was still getting ready for work, and when I pulled my head out from under a pillow and looked out the bedroom door Amanda was outside Milly’s door, looking at me and smiling.  It was cute, of course.  We have no idea what she was so excited about, but she did go back to sleep, which was good for me.

Milly was pretty good today, but I had a few things I was trying to rush with work this morning that was expedited with phone time.  I was talking to people who were cool with the knowledge that I had a two-year-old with me, but after a couple calls it got to be too hard.  It was like she wanted more attention when she knew I was on the phone, which I guess is a reasonable assumption.  Regardless, I think I got a good bit done today, and this morning in particular.

Amanda spent about an hour or more calling places to get prices for replacing our the tires on the Jetta this afternoon.  The best price she got was from someone her parents know in Richlands, so she’s taking Milly and going there on Friday, leaving me all on my lonesome.  Part of the complication is that I’ve got a meeting smack dab in the middle of the day on Friday, so she was also trying to make arrangements with that since we’ve only got the one car right now.  Anna and Barry are helping out again.

The tires definitely need replacing.  They won’t pass inspection, which is due this month, and the front ones have about as much tread as racing tires.  I’m not afraid of them blowing out, but I do worry about Amanda driving in slick situations.  Of course, it was raining like crazy on her way home today and she did fine, but it’s still best not to tempt fate.

I went to take a shower before small group and Milly said she wanted one too, and when the child volunteers to get washed you don’t turn it down, ya know?  I figure she can keep taking showers with me until she starts noticing things and asking about them.  Anyhoo, what I was going to say is that she had a cup in the shower and was filling it up by holding it up to the shower stream (and politely telling the water “thank you” for filling up said cup) and she gradually got closer and closer until the shower was rinsing the soap off of her.  This is significant because she usually won’t get under the shower stream at all.

Afterwards we went out back then went out front and took a walk down to the cul-de-sac.  Milly said she was going to show me the poop.  In the interest of full disclosure, Milly calls just about anything lying on the ground that she can’t easily identify poop or throw up.  There was, of course, no poop in the cul-de-sac.  She did tell me to get on the sidewalk anytime a moving car was within viewing distance though.  I’m glad she’s picking up on that, even if she is being overly cautious.  Better too careful than not careful enough.

We had a good small group meeting tonight.  Reece and Stephanie returned after their one week hiatus following the birth of Emma Love.  The Andrewses brought a bag of candy that was devoured pretty quickly.  The Stufflebeams and the Hausers rode together.  The topic was a pretty tough one but the discussion went really well, especially considering that almost half of our group is pretty new.  I missed the meaty discussion though, as I was putting Milly to bed at the time.  Still, after everyone left I said to Amanda, “I really like our small group.”

We finished the night playing some Words with Friends and watching this week’s episode of House, featuring the titular character’s return to the hospital from prison.

Zach Dotsey