Karen brought a Time magazine with her yesterday and left it for me.  I remarked that I used to really enjoy reading Time.  My parents had a subscription when I was in high school.  I remember reading about things like the internet before that got big and how our homes would be wired so that when we got low on milk the fridge would order some for us and we’d be able to watch any TV shows and movies we ever wanted to by picking them from a computer in our living room.  One of those has already happened.

I tell you what though, I don’t remember Time being so thin though.  I mean it really felt no thicker than a comic book, and a lot of it was ads.  I guess that’s just the way things are going with print media.

Milly likes screaming.  She likes to run back and forth in the house or around in circles screaming.  This morning when I got her up we had a screaming contest.  I guess it was more of a shouting contest, but she would make a screaming/shouting noise then I’d do it, then she’d do it, then I’d do it.  It’s fun for a two year old.

I was able to trick Milly into going upstairs for her nap today by telling her that her new toy unicorn, Sparkle, wanted to nap and wanted Milly to put her in her bed upstairs.  Milly caught on around the time I was putting her diaper on, but after I read Good Night, Gorilla to her a couple or three times and she read it back to me a time or two she was cool with it.  She was starting to show signs of being tired by then anyway.

Work was pretty busy, which is good.  I’ve had a number of sales I’ve been working on lately.  That’s very good, actually.  Last month was… let’s just say not so good.

Amanda and I were going to watch last night’s episode of House when we discovered that something, I’m guessing a game of one kind or another, had pushed the lineup back about fifty-five minutes since what was got was all but the first give minutes of Terra Nova followed by the first five minutes of House.  We found this out because I fast forwarded through the whole thing to figure out how much of each show we had recorded.

Now, as you probably don’t recall, the fast forward button on our cable remote has been messed up lately.  You’ve had to jam something long and thin down under the button and angle it north by northwest then fiddle around with it a bit to get it to work.  The last remote we had could be pried apart relatively easily, but this one seems to have been put together better, much to our chagrin.  Amanda finally got irritated with it and banged it against the ottoman, which loosened it up just enough that she was able to pry it open after a bit of work.  We got it to work fine without its cover on, but it didn’t work as well once it was reassembled.  It works better than it did, but you still have to press the button pretty hard.

Of course, what we should do is just take the controller in for a new one.  Better yet, we could go ahead and drop cable like we’ve been talking about doing for about a year now.  We’ll see.  TV season is back in full swing and it’s easier to set the DVR to record and capture everything than it is to look shows up.  Yeah, we’ll see.

Zach Dotsey