When Amanda got Milly up from her nap this afternoon she put her in a Duke shirt.  I was wearing mine as well, and Amanda mentioned putting up the seasonal Duke flag.  Since basketball season has technically started, that is, teams are allowed to practice now and the games start pretty soon, I figured, “Why not?”  I had actually mentioned putting it up on Friday, which is the day a lot of colleges had their Midnight Madness events.

I got the flag out of the closet and let Milly unfold it, and when she realized what it was she happily exclaimed, “Blue Devil!”  I put it on the pole and let her carry it outside to “help” me put it up.  She really seemed to enjoy that.

In other cute Milly things news, I mentioned that she started saying she was going to go to work then go get in our hallway closet a week or two ago.  Today she said she was going to her office and did the same.

In less cute news, since Milly has been kind of needy during small group we decided to let Kirsten come babysit her tonight even though we were having it at our house.  They played and watched Yo Gabba Gabba in the office (my office) for a while, but then Milly decided to go to the living room.  That was fine; Kirsten tried to keep her back but Amanda and I said she could come out and say hi.  But then she started crying hysterically.  I don’t know if it was because Amanda and I were there and she’s used to us being gone when Kooky comes to watch her or because there were so many people she wasn’t expecting to see or what, but she was greatly distressed.

She was eventually talked into going to play up in her room, but she was getting upset when it was time for her to go down, too.  We let Kirsten go and I laid down with her for a few minutes, but they had the iPad up there and she got very upset when I told her she couldn’t keep it up there all night.  Amanda came up and laid down with her and I made off with the iPad.

Small group went alright tonight.  We were down two couples: the Johnsons because Reece’s mom was visiting and the Hausers because Simon wasn’t feeling great and they didn’t have a babysitter for the night.  I think the rest of us were feeling kind of beat, and the discussion questions we had didn’t really pull a whole lot of depth out of our answers.  We did have a pretty decent discussion about this week’s chapter of Crazy Love itself though.

Amanda and I watched this week’s Terra Nova then she went to bed.  Tomorrow we’ll be splitting time between the Thursday night shows and True Grit, which came from Netflix today.

Zach Dotsey