Amanda’s grandparents were in town again today, so Amanda met them for lunch.  G.G. (that would be Amanda’s grandmother, Milly’s great-grandmother) gave Milly some money for Halloween.  Well, she gave Amanda money to spend on Milly.  While they were out Milly showed great interest in some shoes.  She liked the Brobee shoes you see above, and she also liked some Foofa shoes.  Amanda said that Milly actually liked the pink Foofa shoes better, but decided to get the green Brobees instead in case we have a boy one day down the road.  (No, she’s not pregnant.)  Amanda asked about getting one of each on the off chance that she could, but of course that was denied.

When they got home I met my girls outside and was told to close my eyes to see the surprise.  Milly got out of the car and ran up to me and told me to open my eyes, which is how I saw her Brobee shoes.  She was very excited about them.

After I finished work we all walked to the store to get a few things.  Milly rode in the wagon, and on the way out an older guy was really tickled seeing her pulled around in it.  He asked Milly if he could ride, but she shied up.

Back home Amanda was letting Milly run around nekkid, which isn’t uncommon, but what was uncommon was that she pooped in the potty for the first time ever tonight!  Of course, it happened after she let one out and Amanda tossed her on the potty.  Man, did it stink, too.  I took her back to the bathroom and sat on the toilet with her (being careful not to get anything on my shorts) in case there was more to come, but she was done by then.  We celebrated mightily with her.

I said yesterday that our night would be busy watching Thursday night shows and True Grit.  We did neither.  After Milly had a bath and went to bed we turned on NBC, but they’re showing reruns already.  We watched Big Bang then a caught up on two episodes of American Horror.  I feel like it’s picking up.

I’m not sure when we’ll watch True Grit.  Amanda’s cousin (technically her mom’s cousins’ kid) Paul is coming to visit tomorrow.  He’ll be staying with Anna and Barry, but we’ve got plans to have dinner with them then go out downtown for a bit.  Of course, we’ll still be home to put Milly to bed, so maybe we’ll watch it after that.

It feels like today is already Friday.

Zach Dotsey