We started the day off with waffles, then I worked while Amanda and Milly went to Toys R Us to pick out Milly’s reward for using the potty last night for which she’d never previously used it, even if Amanda was the one to toss her on it and half of it ended up on the floor.  Milly chose a purple-headed Barbie doll.  Sometimes she’ll pronounce Barbie really well, but sometimes it sounds like she’s saying Harvey.  She seems really happy with it though.  The Barbie doll and her Rapunzel doll seem to have hit it off.

After they got back Milly took a nap and Amanda and I showered.  It was a little slow at the time, but during the mid-afternoon I could hardly stay off the phone.

Amanda’s cousin Paul (well, her mom’s cousin’s kid; fourth cousin? third?) arrived in town at the Frazelles’, so sometime after 3:00 I packed up the laptop and went over there to finish up my work so we could hang out.  I like Paul a lot.  We’ve got a lot of similar nerdy interests.

Anna fixed dinner for a whole platoon’s worth of people.  It was all four Frazelles, us three Dotseys, Michael and Jenn, Paul, Christian and Cody.  When we told Milly we were going to pray before supper she actually said most of the prayer all by herself, until she noticed that everyone was looking at her.  It was very sweet.

Dinner at the Frazelles is always a good time, full of telling stories and joking around.  This time was no different.  Afterwards we all went downtown (except Michael and Jenn, who were heading to Richlands to go to Mike’s Farm with Karen and I guess maybe Phil tomorrow) where Anna and Barry treated us all to some Kilwin’s ice cream then we walked along the river.  Paul rode there with us, sitting in the back with Milly.  I was playing Rio Bravo for him so he could hear Christian’s band’s music and Milly kept commanding him to dance.  At one point we pulled up next to Hannah and Christian at a stop light so we turned up the music so they could hear what we were listening to.  After that Milly kept wanting “big music,” by which she meant loud.

We had a nice time walking along the river.  Milly had some “Superman” ice cream, which has lots of bright colors in it.  When we got home we realized that her face looked like it had been drawn on with a marker.  She was great the whole time though, expecially considering she didn’t get to bed until 9:45.  On a sad note, she called Kooky Kirsten a few times, so I’m guessing she’ll soon move out of calling her Kooky, just like she stopped calling her Kurgy.

Amanda and I watched an episode of Law & Order: SVU.  I didn’t make it through the whole thing and had to get Amanda to recap the end as she was going upstairs.  I told her I’d be up there around 2 or 3, which was my guess as to what time I’d wake up and go upstairs.  It was actually about 3:30.

Zach Dotsey