Amanda and I were both up a little bit earlier than we needed to be today and Bruce was snuggled up between us, so we had the first Brucey cuddle time, a former Saturday morning staple, that we’ve had in a long time.  Unfortunately we did not make it to the other former Saturday morning staple.  What?  I could be talking about waffles.  Wait, that’s a Friday morning staple.  Hmm, oh well.

There was a DVD I told Paul I’d put together for him yesterday, but for some reason, despite waiting several hours for it to burn, the disk didn’t work.  Something was on it, because I couldn’t use it again, but it wasn’t usable at all.

Amanda and I caught up on a few episodes of Supernatural when Milly went down for her nap.  After she got up we went to the Frazelles’ where we ate some lunch on the porch then took a walk on the beach.  Barry was napping, so it was Amanda, Anna, Paul, Milly and I.  Milly kept wanting to stop and play with solidified clumps of sand (I used to have the same fascination), so I told the rest of them to go ahead, that’ I’d wait with her.  Milly had come out to the beach with me, Barry and Paul yesterday and had been asking about her bathing suit and saying she wanted to get in the water.  It was too cold yesterday and it was too cold today.

We did take her shoes off so she could at least walk in the sand though, and I rolled her jeans up a little in case she wanted to get her feet wet.  Milly mostly settled for sitting in a tire tread near the shoreline.  At one point I was maybe ten or so feet away from her and a larger wave than the rest came up on shore, drenching her.  The poor thing had just been relaxing in the sand when it soaked almost her entire little body.  I saw it coming, but I was too far away to do anything.  I eventually got her to start walking back and everyone else caught up to us before we even got to the access.

Milly said something about watching Toy Story 3, which Barry had never seen, so we put it on Netflix.  Barry still missed most of it and we didn’t get to the end before dinner was ready, but Paul, Amanda, Hannah, Christian and I all hung out in the living room together.  Milly too, of course, and Kirsten showed up eventually.  When she came in Hannah was sliding Milly around on the floor in a blanket, which looked like a lot of fun.  Cody showed up too, but we were all outside eating on the porch by then.

A couple side Milly things.  She ran around with just her diaper on most of the time after we got in from the beach until Hannah gave her a long john shirt to wear.  It was like a nightgown on her, and it was really cute.  Also, Amanda braided Milly’s hair for the first time tonight.  She was clawing at it to take it down after Amanda got it up, but I took her to the bathroom and showed her how cute she was in the mirror.  I think what really did it for her, though, was that I told her it was like Rapunzel’s hair.  Milly wouldn’t even let Amanda take it down when we put her to bed after that.

We hung out a little while longer then came on home.  I think Milly was in bed around 8:15 or so.  Amanda and I just watched… something, I can’t remember what right now, then headed on up.  I was in bed before she was done getting ready.

Duke lost to Wake Forest 24-23 today at Duke.  I didn’t see it, but it was apparently a very winnable game.  Ugh.  Come on, guys.

Zach Dotsey