I got Milly up just before Karen came to take care of her today.  She brought breakfast, as she tends to do on Mondays, and we tried to get Milly to try some grits but she’d have none of it.

I worked pretty steadily.  Karen and Milly played with Milly’s toys then went outside to pot some flowers.  Karen decided Milly needed some scarecrows to go along with her pumpkin, so the two of them went to Michael’s (the craft store, not her son’s apartment) and spent a good bit of time there.  Milly apparently found plenty of stuff to play with there.  In addition to two scarecrows she brought home a rubber “Baby Bruce.”  Karen said Milly saw it and pointed it out on her own and was calling it “my Brucey” or something like that, so Karen just had to get it for her.

After they got back and I put Milly down for a nap I borrowed Karen’s van to go to the bank and such.  The afternoon wasn’t as busy as the morning, but I kept busy.

Karen made us some chicken pot pie, which was a nice bonus.  Amanda texted me to ask me to pick up a few things for dinner, but I didn’t have to because her mom had us covered.  She was picking up Max, Nick and Amy’s dog, to watch him while they’re out of town.  Some other friends had him for the weekend.  Harvey was, of course, very excited to see him.

We all ended up outside when Karen was leaving, along with Bonnie and Cream, so Kenzie and Kimber came over and pulled the wagon (with Milly and Baby Bruce) to the end of the street and back.  Amanda and I chatted with Deanna, their mom, while the girls played.

We ate when we came inside, though Milly decided she wouldn’t even try the chicken pot pie even when offered a doughnut hole for a bite of chicken.  Her loss.  She did like the crust though, which we called cracker.  We eventually let her excuse herself from the table to go play with her dollhouse.  She didn’t use the family much though; she used Yellow Beetle, Baby Lightning McQueen and Kooky Lizard with a few others mixed in.

After that she had a bath (before which her pigtail braids were removed for the night for the first time since Saturday) and we read her I Like Myself probably eight times.  She used sitting on the toilet as an excuse to stay up a few extra minutes I think, because she sat there and didn’t do anything else.

Once Milly was in bed Amanda and I watched a new episode of How I Met Your Mother and she watched The Sing Off.  I spent a little time playing with a marketing tool I’ve had for a bit but haven’t used the full potential for.  I’m running it now and won’t be able to check the effects of it until sometime tomorrow at least, but I’m looking forward to seeing how my little test goes.

I’m debating between doing yet some more work for myself after I finish typing this and playing Mass Effect 2.  I should work, but I’m kind of ready for a break.

I’d like to point out that Milly didn’t watch any TV or videos at all, all day long.  That was, of course, mostly due to Karen, but she did ask to watch Yo Gabba Gabba this evening.  Before she’d asked I told Amanda that Milly hadn’t watched anything all day and it would be nice if she finished the day that way.  That’s when we encouraged her to play with her toys.

Zach Dotsey