Pretty sure Milly’s got or is getting a cold.  She’s been coughing the last few days, though she’s doing a decent job of covering her mouth, and she was a little snotty today.  Hopefully she’ll be okay a week from today when we go see Yo Gabba Gabba Live.  Hopefully Amanda and I won’t be sick either.

I feel like I was pretty busy today, though I’m not entirely sure I could tell you with what, at least until I had a meeting in the late afternoon.  Scott and I had a conversation about company funding.  An interesting stat is that since 2007, the average monthly income from one-time charges such as website setup, maintenance and programming has continually gone down.  However, the recurring monthly income has continually gone up.

Amanda and Milly dropped me off at my meeting then went to the park.  Amanda had told Milly they’d go to Barnes & Noble to play with the train, but my meeting was done before they could go do that.  I had to deposit some money, and when I went into the bank Milly was still talking about going to see the train.  It was pretty close to 5:00 anyway, so I decided to take her on over there.  She and Amanda went to play with the toys while I went to the Starbucks section and did some more work.

I didn’t get to do too much because my battery sucks and there were no open power outlets, so I made my way back to my girls.  They’re remodeling the middle of the store, presumably for a big Nook display or something.  I also stopped to take a look at a big book on college basketball.  It had some pretty nice articles in it.

By the time I got to the children’s section Amanda and Milly were making their way out.  Amanda let Milly pick out a book for Baby Konny, since we missed Blake and Stephanie’s baby shower this weekend and will see them on Thursday.  She picked Good Night, Gorilla and she was flipping through it, showing me the pages.  There are very few words in the book, but there’s one page where all the animals are saying “Good night” in the dark.  Milly knows that each of the speech bubbles say “Good night,” so she pointed to each one and said it in a different voice, just like I do when reading to her to demonstrate the different animals.

Amanda and I smelled something good when we walked outside (until Amanda inhaled a puff of cigarette smoke).  Milly was talking about getting something to eat and I was a little hungry myself, so we went to Brixx.  We didn’t know it, but on Tuesdays kids eat free with the purchase of an entree, so Amanda and I got a pizza and Milly got her own little pizza.

While we were waiting to be seated Milly was admiring a purse carried by an older (maybe seven- or eight-year-old) girl, but she was too shy to talk to her.  I told the girl all that so she showed it to Milly and showed her a fluffy unicorn doll that was in it.  Milly wanted me to pet it.

We had a nice little evening, all in all, especially given that it wasn’t at all planned.  When we got back Amanda and Milly hung out on the couch and I did some more work at the kitchen table.  Milly didn’t want to go upstairs when it was time for bed at first, but once I made my way to the steps she was a little more docile.

We had a pretty chill night.  Amanda did some Sudoku puzzles in a newspaper her mom had left while I finished up my work.

Kevin and Lauren Millard homebirthed child #2 last night.  William Wright Millard, 8 pounds, 12 ounces, 21.5 inches.  Congrats to the parents and the new big sister… we can’t wait to meet him!

Zach Dotsey