As predicted, Milly’s day today wasn’t as exciting as the previous three had been.  She didn’t seem to care or notice though.  I did let her sleep in a little later, but she also stayed up later before going down for her nap.  She was good though.  She was entertaining herself for the most part, so it didn’t interfere with my work schedule.  Even when I did put her down for her nap around 11:45 or 12 she wasn’t as tired as obviously tired as usual.  She went down without a fuss though, and she stayed down until maybe 3:30.

When I got Milly up she noticed a used diaper (pullup, whatever) that we’d accidentally left in her room last night.  She said, “It’s poop.”  “No,” I said.  “It’s just pee pee.”  “No poop,” she replied matter-of-factly.  “Just pee pee.”  As we were going downstairs she told me not to eat it.  She also called the legs of her closed-toe pajamas foot tunnels.

I stayed pretty busy with work.  Scott and I talked yesterday about keeping a log of all the people I’ve had contact with and making sure to try to sell or suggest something to each of them.  I think it’s a great idea because it helps me focus on making sure I do suggest something.  It also helps me review what I’ve done for the day and gives me an opportunity to evaluate my interactions better.

Amanda and Milly seemed to have a fun afternoon.  I heard a lot of singing coming from the living room, particularly Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the ABC’s.  Milly came back a few times to give me a hug or a kiss.  Once she brought me a play cup and told me there was tea in it.  She warned me that it was hot and made sure I blew on it.

There’s a flashcard app that Amanda and I both have on our iPad and iPhone respectively that Milly has been playing with for well over a year now.  I don’t know if Milly changed some setting on it or it’s just the latest update, but instead of showing a picture and telling what it is now, it shows four pictures and asks you to pick the one it says.  It rewards you with praises like, “Good job,” but my favorite is a gleeful, “You’re awesome!”  Anyway, Milly was doing really well with that.  She kept picking the right ones, though she did miss a few here or there.  The best part was when she came across something she didn’t know and you could see her using the process of elimination.  She would just look at all of the images little longer before choosing one, but you could see the cogs turning in her brain.

We had a few leftover fair tickets, so we gave them to the Warkentiens, who stopped by and picked them up tonight on their way there, and the Narrons, because they do so much for us.  Bonnie came by to get theirs right before Milly went to bed.  When she was leaving she told Milly she was going to bed and asked if Milly was going to go to bed too.  Milly, stretched out over the arm of the love seat and leaning on the Shaker table, playing with the flash card game said, without even looking up or turning around, “I’m not.”  Bonnie asked her a few times and she replied the same way in the same conversational tone every time.  It was pretty entertaining.

She did, though, go to bed, and she didn’t give us any trouble about it aside from initially wanting to sleep in the big box the Frazelles (well, Kirsten) decorated last year and gave to her for Christmas.  She still plays with that thing on the regular.  But even that wasn’t a bit struggle.  To entice Milly to get over by her bed Amanda put all four of her Disney princess dolls on a pillow on the floor next to her bed and put a little blanket over them.  Milly wanted her paci then she wanted to give each of them a paci, so Amanda got some out of the drawer and Milly laid one on each of them.  She also kissed them all before climbing into her own bed.

Amanda and I watched our NBC Thursday night shows, then that was pretty much the night.

It’s been a little chilly downstairs because our heater is only intermittently blowing warm air (need to get that looked at, ugh), but I actually feel a little warm right now.  Hopefully I’m not sick or anything.  Milly still has a little bit of a cough and runny nose, though it’s not like it was last week.

Zach Dotsey