Michael won a game of Catan tonight.  It was pretty hotly contested, with Amanda having several chances to win.  The first time she could have won, I was able to make a trade with Jenn and steal the longest road from her, temporarily setting her back until she reclaimed the two-point honor.  Then on her last two turns she rolled a seven on herself and had to get rid of half her cards, taking away too many for her to get her tenth point.  Michael had started out looking pretty good, but he didn’t have much momentum through the middle of the game.  I came in third and Jenn in fourth.

After all that we talked about several things.  Of note, they tried to help me come up with a name for the venture I’ve been working on for a few weeks now.  We never could come up with one.  Amanda helped me after they left and we still never came up with anything we were in love with.  I feel it’s my biggest hurdle right now.

Michael’s going to come over tomorrow so I can teach him some website stuff.  Jenn may or may not go to a 31 party (where girls look at and sometimes buy handbags and such) with Amanda.

Michael and Jenn had come over to watch Milly while Amanda and I went to the night of worship at Port City Community Church.  It was almost exclusively music, I think all of which (at least almost all of which, anyway) was based on old hymns.

Amanda, Milly and I had lunch with Peggy and Earl at the mall today.  I had a meeting afterwards and, as we’re down to one car, Earl had said I could use their car so the Jetta could stick around in case they needed to go anywhere so we wouldn’t have to worry about switching out the car seat.  They all stuck around the mall to start some Christmas shopping then went to Toys R Us while I had a meeting at Basics at The Cotton Exchange.  It went really well, I thought, plus I got to do a little bit of networking.

Driving home, where we all met back up, was excruciating for me.  I haven’t had any soda in a long time, but I got a combo meal at the mall and they didn’t have any good alternatives, so I got some Sierra Mist and had one refill.  When I was at Basics I had two large cups of water.  (Side note, I also had their Coca Cola pie with ice cream on it; so delicious!)  On the way home I had to pee more than I can ever remember having to pee.  To make things worse it was pouring down rain so it was a little bumpy and traffic was slow.  The car two spots ahead of me on the off ramp was going crazy slow.  I wanted to cry out, but I thought if I made any sound I’d just have to pee even worse.  It was awful.  At one point I hit a big pile-up of water and thought, “Great, I’m going into the ditch and I’m going to wet my pants and Earl’s car.”

In keeping with what I’ve started in basically telling my day backwards, Amanda did not make waffles this morning.  She had bought some muffin mix yesterday and decided to make some muffins instead.

Milly’s GG got her some new twinkle shoes (she’s outgrown the ones my mom bought her).  She was stomping all around with them to make them light up.  She had this one stance where she would plant her left foot and stomp her right foot down in an almost-squat, like some kind of superhero power pose.

Later in the evening she was in the office playing with the Rock Band drums.  Amanda was talking to me when I vaguely heard Milly say something with her own name in it.  I motioned Amanda to be quiet so we could hear her.  I couldn’t make it out, but Amanda realized she was saying, “My name is Milly.  I play the drums.”  We think she was emulating the Cool Tricks section of Yo Gabba Gabba, where they sometimes have someone come on to show a talent.  They always say, “My name is [Whatever] and I [do something].”

Milly did a bit more singing throughout the day.  Most notably, after Amanda and I got home from the night of worship she and Jenn were sitting on the couch watching The Lion King and she was singing (parts of) I Just Can’t Wait to be King.  It was very cute.

Oh, I am sick, by the way. Coughing, sore throat, a slight rattle in the chest. Good times. But at least Amanda told me I looked nice today. That’s always good to hear.

Zach Dotsey