Amanda put a braid in Milly’s hair this morning.  It was just one, on her right side I guess to help keep her hair out of her face.  Milly really liked it, I guess.  Once we got to church she held onto it just about the whole time.  Yeah, she was holding onto a braid on the side of her head as though trying to make sure it was still there or that it wasn’t going to fall off.  Silly nut.

We went to Mayfaire after church; ate at Atlanta Bread and let Milly play at Barnes & Noble for a while.  She knows Mayfaire pretty well now.  When we came in she mentioned the blue water, which is the fountain in front of the movie theater.  It was dyed blue for a while, but it seems to finally be fading.  She also mentioned Brilliant Sky, a toy shop she often goes to with her Nana on Mondays or with Amanda when they go out there during the day sometimes.

Back at home Milly took a nap while Amanda and I watched The Soup and Supernatural.  I took a short nap after that then we all went over to the Frazelles’, where we showed Anna and Barry the video we’d taken from Yo Gabba Gabba Live.  It wasn’t at all edited down yet, but they were happy to see it.  Hannah arrived at some point and Jay, Anna and Barry’s friend, stopped by.  He’s such a big Milly fan.  Milly likes him too, except she put on her “I’m seriously about to cry” face when Jay sat in the chair next to me that she had vacated.  They made up later though.

Home once again, we put Milly down again then watched The Walking Dead.  Amanda headed off to bed and I started watching a new show that came on after The Walking Dead called Hell on Wheels, which seems to be about America’s post-Civil War westward expansion.  I was pretty tired so I was in and out of it, but I’ll rewatch that episode and give it a chance.

Zach Dotsey