Milly decided to continue to show what she thinks of daylight savings time this morning by getting up at 6:30 this morning and not going back to sleep.  At least Amanda got to see her before she left, I guess.  She was a little fussy throughout the morning, but she was also very sweet.  The thing to do in the mornings before I start work seems to be playing with toys.  She’ll have some and she’ll give me some, then they’ll converse for a minute before Milly suggests they all go for a walk, which involves getting on hands and knees and walking them around whatever room we’re in.  Considering how little carpet we have in the house anymore, it’s not always the most comfortable thing to do.

Amanda and I packed up Milly and the iPad to entertain her in case of long lines and went to the north campus of Cape Fear Community College to vote for some local elections today.  We were surprised to find very few cars and no signs about voting when we got there, so I went in to check it out.  I happened upon a lady asking an employee about it and the employee didn’t know anything about voting today.  The fact that other people were there for it made secure that we weren’t crazy.  When I got back in the car Amanda called the election board to see what the deal was.  Apparently the voting today was for people in the city limits only, not us county folk.  Amanda was looking forward to voting for/against certain things/people and was a little irate.

Before we left Milly wanted to draw on the driveway with chalk, so when we got back she and Amanda stayed outside to do that.  I went out after a bit to see what they were up to and Amanda showed me a stick figure she’d drawn.  Milly called it Daddy and drew in the face and “curly” hair.  I was really blown away that she could recognize a head and draw a face and hair on it.  I mean, I was seriously impressed.

Milly spent about an hour on Facetime with her Auntie Rin and Pap this evening.  Facetime, if you don’t know, is basically video chat on the iPhone or iPad.  Milly was walking around with the iPad making faces, playing hide and seek or just showing off in front of the camera for the two of them.

I set up a hosting reseller account for my business today.  There were a few bumps, but the support from the company is outstanding.

Zach Dotsey