I stayed up very late working on updating the website for the Wrightsville Beach Longboard Association.  They gave me a lot of license, so I hope they like what I’ve done with it.  Milly, however, didn’t care that I was up late last night and decided to wake up early this morning.

Cyra came over to watch Milly while Amanda and I went to small group at the Johnsons’ tonight.  Jacob was right there when we walked in the door and said my name and Amanda’s.  I played with him for a minute and he really impressed me with his alphabet blocks.  He’d pick one up and say, for example, “A says ahh.  B says buh.”  Stephanie said there’s a video he’s been watching a lot lately that goes over all that.  Milly knows her letters, but that reminded me that we haven’t really gone over their sounds yet.

Zach Dotsey