Having been admittedly impressed by Jacob and his alphabet sounds yesterday, as well as a little embarrassed that we haven’t worked with Milly on that, I bribed Milly into doing her alphabet sounds and singing the ABC song this morning.  She ended up hanging out in the office all morning, which was kind of nice.  I prefer working in here to working in the kitchen, which is what I usually do while she’s awake.

Amanda was going to take Milly out to pick out a birthday present for Cousin Addie today (which we would just give to her on Thanksgiving).  Milly decided on her own that she was going to get her a “yellow” Barbie.  Unfortunately, Amanda and Milly hadn’t gotten too far when Milly threw up, so they turned around and came back.  Amanda and I tag teamed cleaning Milly and stripping and cleaning the car seat.  It was pretty smelly.  Milly seemed fine though; not sick or anything.

Later in the day Milly was drawing next to me.  I went upstairs for something, maybe to trim my face, and Milly followed me up (Amanda hadn’t latched the baby gate; I’d stepped over it thinking it was secure), sat down next to me in the bathroom and continued drawing.  I just thought it was sweet.

Cyra watched Milly again tonight, this time for a small group leaders meeting.  After we got home we watched out Thursday night shows.

Zach Dotsey