We had some trouble putting the car seat back together, which was awesome since we were trying to get out the door to head off to Richlands.  It wasn’t 100% dry either, but it was dry enough that Milly wasn’t going to be soggy or anything.

At some point while we were getting things together to leave I was looking for something while carrying Milly and I walked into the guest room, where the Tiana doll we got her for Christmas was out on the bed.  She said she wanted Tiana, wanted present.  Fortunately it didn’t take too much to distract her.  I guess it also shows that she’s going to like it.  She does like her Disney Princess dolls.  I wonder how long it will be before she asks us to take that one’s clothes off like the rest of them.

When we got to Richlands I set up in Michael’s old room and worked while the ladies went out to Jacksonville to do some shopping or something.  Michael and Jenn arrived in the late afternoon and accidentally woke Milly up.  She was already “undersleeped” so she was a little cranky when she got up.

Peggy and Earl came over to celebrate Earl’s birthday.  Milly enjoyed seeing them and watching him open presents.  She was very talkative all evening and played with Bruce, Harvey and Paddy a lot.

We finished the night watching basketball, tonight being the first real night of basketball for many schools.  Carolina played Michigan State on an aircraft carrier, which was a big to-do.  The Spartans played the Heels pretty tough in the first half, but Carolina won.  There wasn’t any question to that outcome, given how Michigan State seems to always roll over for the Heels.  Not that anyone was expecting Michigan State to win; the Heels are the pre-season #1 team.

Duke played Belmont for their season opener.  Belmont is picked to win their conference and returned most of their players from a team that made the tournament last season.  It was a much tighter game than expected and Duke won by one point, although they were up four prior to a buzzer beater three from Belmont.

Zach Dotsey