Mike Krzyzewski became passed the record set by his own former coach and mentor, Bobby Knight, who was in attendance to announce the game, to take the record for the most wins by any other D1 men’s basketball coach.  There are other coaches who might hit that mark, but they’re all older than Mike so they’re not likely to actually pass him.  In fact, he should be able to hit the 1000 mark before he retires.

The game itself was against Michigan State, whose last game was against Carolina on an aircraft carrier.  I don’t remember how long ago they said it was, but the last team to play Carolina and Duke back-to-back was NC State some number of years ago.

Duke was up one point at the half and opened up a 20 point lead, a lot of it on the back of Andre Dawkins’s ridiculous three point shooting night.  The Spartans didn’t give up though and they battled back to a final score of 74-69.  It was very frustrating to watch Duke’s lead evaporate, but a win is a win.

In other news, Blake and Stephanie Konny had their baby today.  They had decided not to find out the sex before the birth, which is impressive.  I wouldn’t have been able to go so long without knowing.  His name is Micah Lewis Konny and he was 7 pounds, 11 ounces and 19.75 inches.  Can’t wait to meet him!

The weather was beautiful today.  I mean, it felt like late spring or early summer this morning.  I decided to take Milly outside and she opted to go play in the backyard.  She was wearing a Duke shirt, jeans, her twinkle shoes and her butterfly wings.  She mostly chased Harvey around to try to get him to play with a stick, but at one point he took it from her and she was angry at him for “stealing” her stick.

We went for a walk to the store after that, butterfly wings and all.  I went to get some Chobani yogurt (which was on sale, so I got a few of them) and she said something about Cinderella.  I asked what she was talking about and she pointed to a shelf.  Sure enough, there was a yogurt container with Cinderella on it.  It also had Ariel, Tiana and Belle, all of whom she named when she saw them.  Milly didn’t eat any of the last packages of yogurt we bought for her, but I figured since she noticed it herself Amanda and I might be able to convince her to eat some with Disney princesses on it.

Milly and I also both picked up a doughnut and some Sprees then went to check out.  On the way there she was pointing out all sorts of things, mostly decorations on signs or balloons.  Milly was very friendly and outgoing with the lady behind the counter, even asking her name and telling her that she was Meliamae Dotsey.

Most of the rest of my day was spent working and waiting for tonight’s basketball game to start.  Amanda took Milly to Barnes & Noble, where they’ve apparently moved and expanded the children’s section.

Milly was a bit whiny tonight.  She’s been very demanding lately and a little rude, so Amanda and I are going to make an effort to nip that.  Amanda told me that Milly was demanding something in the car today or yesterday and Amanda asked her if she could be patient, to which she replied in the affirmative, so as long as we work on it she should be fine.

Erin called to do Facetime with Milly tonight and to show it to our mom.  Milly was busy playing Pretty Ponies on my iPhone and didn’t really pay them too much mind until we took her upstairs during the game’s halftime to get her ready for bed.

I’m watching the end of the Kentucky-Kansas game right now.  The score was tied at 28 at the half, but it’s 74-61 Kentucky right now with just under a minute left.  (Edit to add: 75-65 final.)

Zach Dotsey