Amanda met her mom in Rocky Point, which is roughly halfway between our house and her parents’ house, to give her Milly for the night.  One of Karen’s friends will be watching her grandkid, Kate, who is three weeks older than Milly, so they decided that Karen should get Milly so they could all get together for a play date.  This will be the second night Milly has spent away from us, the first being in Kentucky a couple years ago when my parents were staying in a hotel and took Andra’s kids and Milly for the night.  That was the night we all went downtown with Cousin Shelby.

Milly was really sweet before Amanda took her away.  She came into the office and wanted to dance with me.  I asked if I could pick her up and dance with her, but she told me to dance with her hands, so we held hands and danced and I twirled her around a few times.  My child is generally such a happy one.

Amanda called her parents after 9:30 to see how Milly had been for them.  Apparently she kept asking to eat and cried before going to bed and she was still up.  I think she ended up going to bed sometime before 10:00 due to her ability to manipulate her grandmother.

I missed putting her down tonight and I’ll miss getting her up tomorrow, but I know she’ll have fun.

We had a new couple for small group tonight, so we made it kind of a social.  Amanda made sausage dip and cookies, Jamie happened to bring some pumpkin muffins and homemade lemonade and Simon brought some Pringles.  We also made some candy corn available.  It was much more of a feast than we had intentions of it being.

Group went well, I thought.  The new couples, the Sawyers, seemed to get along with everyone.  David (the new David) accidentally kicked one of our glasses with the blue ribbon swirled around the inside of the glass and broke it, so I expect we’ll be giving him crap about that for a long time.  Jared was hilarious tonight, just being a good-natured goofball.

Amanda and I watched an episode of Once Upon a Time after everyone left.  I have mixed feelings about the show.

I had a meeting this afternoon that I think went really well.  It had to do with my new endeavor and got me very excited about it.

Zach Dotsey