Amanda got home from work after grabbing lunch with some coworkers then headed back out almost as soon as she walked in the door to go meet up with her mom and pick up Milly.  She called me when she was on the way and said that the non-reaction I got from Milly when I was away in Kentucky for a few days was better than Milly’s reaction to seeing her.  Milly told Amanda to go away.  I guess she really liked being with Nana.  Nana, by the way, bought Milly a blue swimming pool noodle.  Why, Nana, why?

Karen said Milly had fun, but she said Kate, the granddaughter of one of Karen’s friends and the reason Karen had the idea to ask for Milly for the day, didn’t really interact too much with Milly.  Some kids take longer to warm up to others I guess, and some just prefer to play by themselves.

Milly was a bit bipolar the rest of the day.  She was up late last night, woke up I think Amanda said around a quarter of nine and didn’t take a nap today.  She was not very fun when we were getting her in bed, but considering how off her schedule was, we didn’t think much of it.  She did earn some time in the corner right before going to bed though for not listening to us.  We did have some fun just hanging out in the living room as a family.  We did a little dancing to Yo Gabba Gabba until Milly got bored and left me and Amanda moving around like fools all on our own.

I had a busy day today.  My regular job has been a little slow lately, but I was taking calls and answering emails and taking care of sales leads like a… I don’t know.  Someone who does a bunch of something in a very busy environment.

Zach Dotsey