I accidentally slept until almost 9:30 this morning, and probably would have slept later if Amanda hadn’t turned over in bed and told me what time it was.  And I usually have such a good internal alarm clock.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s because I’ve been up really late a lot of nights lately, trying to get Nextwave going. I had a meeting at 10:00 and I usually leave for meetings half an hour before them, so I scrambled into the shower, threw on some clothes, said goodbye to my girls (Milly was up by then) and headed out the door.  I still got to the meeting a few minutes early.

While I was gone Amanda was folding clothes.  She told Milly to put a cloth diaper in the bag where we keep them in the living room, but Milly told her she had to make a phone call.  Amanda pointed out that her phone (the little green toy one that came with her kitchen set) was wireless, so she could walk and talk at the same time.  Then Milly told her that she was watching a movie and then that she had to go upstairs and get in bed, so Amanda told her she’d remember that and that Milly could do that after she put the diaper away.  I’m surprised she didn’t include this in her excuse repertoire.

Later, after I got back home, Milly was lying down on the couch and told me she wanted her green flower.  I asked where it was, and she said, “Over there; upstairs.”  I was about to tell her something about not getting it, but she sat up, reached up and pulled me in for a kiss.  I didn’t say another word, but went upstairs.  Of course, by the time I told Amanda what had just happened and went upstairs, Milly seemed to have forgotten about the flower.

She’s definitely getting smarter.  She’s able to recall things when you ask her about what she did earlier in the day or the day before, she’s speaking better every day and she shows an understanding of phrases that you wouldn’t necessarily think she’d know.  She’s also using pronouns a lot more.  She says his and hers and him and her a lot, but she’s not quite clear on the gender differences.

This evening we went to the Konnys to take them some dinner and to meet their new baby, Micah.  Before we went in Milly was saying that she wanted to get in bed, but once we did get inside and were there for a minute, Milly remembered some toys that were in Micah’s room last time we were there and I got her to ask Blake if she could play with them.  She monopolized Blake the rest of the time while Amanda and I chatted with Stephanie.  Right before we left Blake went to help the person renting out their garage apartment do some moving and Milly seemed downright betrayed that Blake was leaving.  She wouldn’t even look at him or say goodbye to him.  She got over it.

Duke played Davidson tonight.  I was playing catch-up and our DVR’s fast forward button is broken, so I was behind the entire time.  Duke didn’t play well the first half and they were down a point going into the break, but they were a completely different team in the second and won 82-69 after getting a 20 point lead.  I really wish they could hold onto the big leads late in the second half.  I think the current team just doesn’t know how to transition properly into stall ball.

Amanda and I watched Grimm, though I fell asleep before the end of it.  Amanda was kind enough to let me stay on the couch when she went upstairs.  I joined her around 3:00.

Zach Dotsey